The Chess Mates Story

The Chess Mates story Chess Mates was founded in by Ash Reddy. Ash designed the Chess Mates curriculum with two main goals in mind: to offer kids as young as three an emotional, social, and intellectual “head start” with chess, and to make learning to play chess a fun experience for kids of all ages. Thanks to this unique dual focus, it wasn’t long before Chess Mates became the preferred chess class provider for kids across Brisbane, Australia. In 2019, Ash decided it was time to offer the same chess teaching and learning experience to kids the world over, so Chess Mates Online was born.

Fun, self-paced learning

Our course is designed to let your child learn to play chess online at their own pace.

Chess Mates Online begins with a thorough foundation in the basics, before gradually building up to more complex strategies.

Chess is taught through a series of fun and engaging videos, with accompanying PDFs that reinforce the lessons in each video and are easy to refer back to. The lessons are suitable for kids ages three and up. They can also join in on our weekly live Zoom lessons.

A history of success

Since 2012, more than 100,000 kids have learned to play chess (and love it) with Chess Mates.

Thanks to our fun-first approach, our students actually enjoy learning chess, and want to learn more. Many Chess Mates parents are excited to tell us how engaged their kids are with our lessons and how they love playing chess at home.

Chess Mates Online takes this successful formula and applies it to self-paced, online lessons your child can do from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Subscription service

Chess Mates Online is available via subscription.


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