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Chess Mates Online consists of eight levels or units that have been specially designed for kids ages three and up. All eight chess units are included in your subscription.

Your child will start with our first unit, “Kindy”, which covers the basics of chess. Working at their own pace, they can move on through all our levels until they reach our final unit, “Grandmaster”, which covers advanced strategies. Every week, they can also join in on our live Zoom lessons.

Each unit includes a number of fun and engaging chess lessons presented via video, with accompanying PDFs, so your child won’t just learn chess – they’ll enjoy learning it.



“Kindy” is our introductory online chess unit. The Kindy video lessons, illustrated books, and PDFs cover the basics of chess and how pieces move, with mini games, stories, characters, and songs to help your child learn and remember – and have fun along the way!

♙ Pawns ♙

Our second chess level, “Pawns”, teaches your child everything else they need to know to start playing chess, including first moves, castling, and endgame basics (check, checkmate, and stalemate). They’ll also learn simple checkmate strategies. This level isn’t just fun – it’s also a big confidence booster as they learn to play chess from start to finish!

♗ Bishops ♗

Once your child has mastered moving pieces and actually completing chess games, they’ll be ready for “Bishops”. The Bishops video lessons and PDFs teach midgame strategies and moves, including forks, pins, skewers, double attacks, and discovered attacks. You’ll see your child’s confidence and competence grow as they complete this third unit!

♘ Knights ♘

By the time they reach “Knights”, your child will be ready to learn more midgame strategies and other tactics, including hanging pieces, piece values, Pawn structure, and trading. As they learn and apply these new moves, you’ll see your child become an increasingly accomplished chess player Better yet, they’ll still be having fun learning chess online!

♖ Rooks ♖

With midgame strategies firmly under their belt, your child can advance to “Rooks”. These online chess lessons cover endgame strategies, open roads, doubled castles, and chess “CPR” (how to get out of check). Rooks also introduces Triple Loyd puzzles – famous chess puzzles that will challenge your child to apply what they’ve learned to achieve certain goals. You can expect your child to regularly beat you when you play chess together now!

♕ Queens ♕

“Queens” rounds out your child’s understanding of chess tactics by introducing opening strategies. Your child will learn the best strategies to use when playing white vs the best strategies to use when playing black. They’ll also learn about traps they need to look out for. By now, your child will be able to give most adults a run for their money when playing chess. And thanks to our fun-first approach, they’ll still be eager to keep doing new lessons!

♔ Kings ♔

Advanced gameplay is the focus of our “Kings” chess videos and PDFs. Your child will take their understanding of tactics, strategy, and gameplay to the next level, as they learn even more complex approaches to openings, midgame tactics, and the endgame. You’ll continue to be surprised and delighted as you see your child’s progress and watch them play chess at a level most adults never reach. Best of all, they’ll still be having fun learning!

★ Grandmaster ★

“Grandmaster” covers exactly what the unit name suggests – advanced chess strategies used by real-life grandmasters. By examining pro-games, completing advanced puzzles, and practicing game analysis, your child will finesse their chess game and learn to play at the highest levels.

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